Timing of the School day

  • The school has a 6×50  minute lessons Mon – Thu, with a 20 minute form period at the start of  every day. The form period is a key part in the life of the school. There  is a programme of PSHE activities undertaken by all forms provided by the  Islamic Coordinator of the school and intended to explore issues of faith and to strengthen the collective faith-based identity of the school.
  •  Form periods also review homework diaries, follow a programme of cross curricular literacy and develop the pastoral aspects of the school
  • On Fridays the school finishes earlier to enable attendance at prayers. The school has a different timetable on Fridays.
  • Every lesson begins and ends with prayer and arrangements are made for all pupils to pray during lunchtime at both buildings. The promotion of our Islamic faith is a key  element in all parts of the school day.




 Click here to view the punctuality detention procedures for pupils that are late to school.