Form Time Discussion

Welcome to the form time and halaqah discussion page

The purpose of form time discussions is to allow pupils to develop into self-assured, confident, happy, positive young people.

It is a time where they can articulate their feelings and justify them- in both informal and formal settings and be given responsibility and trust to develop their confidence.

Pupils can develop these traits by celebrating achievement and encouraging pupils to have the confidence to undertake difficult tasks and have a wide range of experiences. They are encouraged to question the reasoning of British and Religious values.

The discussions encourage them to become better individuals, to embrace and share the Schools values of patience, modesty, gratitude, humility and sincerity with implementing British values into themselves.


Term 3

May Week 2 – Diversity

May Week 2 – What makes you unique.

May Week 3 Halaqah Tolerance with others

May Week 3 – Compassion


Term 2 

January Week 1 – Galloways

February Week 5 Gratitude

March Week 2 – To become a better person

April Week 1 – Kind Heartedness

April Week 1 Halaqah – Respecting Individuals



Term 1 2015-2016

October Week 1

Islamic New Year – Muharram

Halaqah November Week 2

November Week 2

Halaqah week 3

Islam and Gangs

Islam and Terrorism

Islam and Drugs

Liberation Halaqah December week 3



Term 2

March Week 1

March Week 2

March Week 3

March Week 4

April Week 3

April Week 4

May Week 1

May Week 2

May Week 3

June Week 1

July Week 2