Home Economics

Teacher:  Mrs Patel

Home Economics          100% A* – C Grades (2015/16)

The aim of the Home Economics course is to provide students with knowledge and skills, which will be of value in their future lives. They develop knowledge and understanding of human needs and issues that affect the quality of human life, within a diverse society.

The students are introduced to Home Economics in year 7 where practical work is supported by theory. They cover aspects of healthy eating, hygiene and safety in the H.E room and the role of ingredients when making a food product. They also learn about food storage and how to understand food labels.

In year 8 students learn a variety of cooking and baking methods. They also learn the functions and sources of nutrients and understand the use of additives. Year 8 have the opportunity to develop their skills and become confident and capable in producing many dishes. They also under take project work on dietary guidelines and dietary disorders and learn how to plan and make balanced meals to suit various diets.

The syllabus for GCSE follows the AQA Home Economics (Food and Nutrition) course. This specification focuses on broader areas of nutrition, diet and health, including food hygiene and safety, food storage, food preparation, cooking and consumer education. The course also gives students the opportunity to research, plan, investigate and make meals relating to specific diets. The course is assessed in two ways:

Unit 1: a written paper worth 40% of the total marks which requires pupils to recall and apply the knowledge, understanding and skills specified in the specification.

Unit 2: two controlled assessment tasks worth 60% of the total marks (45% Individual Investigation and a 15% Research Task).