KS3 – English – Year 7 

The English Department consists of:

  • Mrs Cooke (Head of Faculty)
  • Mrs Latham (Assistant Head of Faculty and Literacy Co-ordinator)
  • Mr Foster (Deputy Head teacher and Teacher of English)
  • Mrs Secretary (Associate Assistant Head teacher and Teacher of English)
  • Mr Emery (Teacher of English)
  • Mrs Patel (Teacher of English)


  • Why do I enjoy English? I enjoy English because it is exciting and fun. Through English I can escape to whole new worlds with the help of my fantastic teachers, who encourage me to explore texts from different eras and traditions. Each and every lesson, I learn how to develop my skills of reading, writing and oral communication.  English helps me to prepare for life beyond school.’

The English Department at Preston Muslim Girls High School comprises of a strong team of hardworking individuals with a passion for our subject. We teach lessons which inspire girls to enjoy studying English and to achieve their potential in a challenging yet supportive environment.

We are very proud to be one of the most outstanding departments in the school and in the area. Our pursuit of educational excellence is based upon our strong belief that every pupil is unique and special and has the capacity within them to succeed. Our job as a department is to help each and every pupil discover their unique talent because we as a department believe that “EVERY CHILD” does indeed “MATTER”.

English is, of course, a vital subject in that the skills covered here underpin the whole curriculum.  Moreover, any course of study beyond GCSE demands proof of achievement here, and literacy skills are necessary for the world of work.  Perhaps more importantly, however, the study of English equips young people with the communication skills that allow them to present themselves confidently, encourages creativity in written and oral expression, and develops a love for literature that will last a lifetime.

Key Stage 3

The course provides for a balance and variety in each year as students’ progress through Key Stage 3. Units of work focus on developing the students’ knowledge, skills and understanding of reading, writing and communication through oral opportunities.

Please click here to view the English Reading and Writing Level Discriptors

Key Stage 4

Exam preparation: English Language (100% Examination)

Through the study of a selection of extracts from 19th-, 20th- and 21st-century prose fiction, pupils develop skills of analysis and evaluation; develop imaginative writing skills to engage the reader; develop transactional writing skills for a variety of forms, and learn to use spelling, punctuation and grammar accurately.

There will be two examination papers, one which will involve the analysis and evaluation of an unseen 19th century text, as well as a linked transactional writing task. The other paper involves the analysis and evaluation of a 20th century text together with a piece of linked imaginative writing.

Assessment of Spoken Language

The preparation and assessment of spoken language is a compulsory requirement of the course of study. It will appear on all pupils’ certificates as an independently reported grade.

Exam Preparation: English Literature (100% Examination)

Overall students will study

  • one play by William Shakespeare
  • One 19th Century novel/novella
  • One 20th/21st Century text (could be either prose or drama)
  • A selection of poetry from a pre-release anthology as well as unseen poetry

Please click here to view the guide to the new AQA Engligh Language and Literature GCSE Examination.

Functional skills (an alternative examination for those not entered for GCSE)

Functional skills qualifications allow students to demonstrate the fundamental applied skills in English that help people to gain most from life, learning and work.

Exam Preparation

The assessment has a clear component structure with reading, writing and speaking, listening and communication being assessed in separate tests or tasks. This means that students can take the components in different examination series or all in the same series.

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