Design Technology

Teacher: Mrs Burke

Technician: Mrs Nakhuda

Key Stage 3

Within Design Technology, students take part in 3 lessons per week.  They are placed on a carrousel which sees them rotate between Textiles, Graphics and Home Economics each academic year.  As pupils spend an equal amount of time within each area they can be in the best position to acquire a broad range of skills, knowledge and understanding.

Within our department we review our projects each academic year and adapted according to the latest agendas within Design Technology.  This means that our pupils will receive the most up to date, relevant information on new innovations.  Within the spacious and equipped Design Technology classrooms pupils are taught in groups of 14 or less.  They complete practical hands on tasks which help them to develop their understanding of the subject through physical interaction.  At PMGHS we teach more than just the basic skills necessary for textiles production and food preparation.  Pupils will develop transferable skills such as:

  • Learning from their mistakes
  • Problem solving
  • Working together
  • Considering the needs of others
  • Building confidence and independence
  • Making informed, personal choices

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural awareness is encouraged throughout each project as students are asked to consider the needs of others and design products and recipes for someone other than themselves.

To view the projects undertaken by our girls please click here