Art Project with Safe Play

Preston Muslim Girls High School has teamed up with Safe Play for a community art project namely ‘Connecting’.

The project was funded by Preston City Council with the assistance of ‘ArtFull’, participatory and community arts organisation.

A giant tree mural has been designed and permanently attached to the wall in the corner of the soft play area at Safe Play. It depicts wildlife and how they interact, mirroring the community of visitors they have at Safe Play, all ages, all abilities and all special needs.

The project includes a small group of children, (kindly visiting via the Rainbow Trust, a children’s charity which visits Safe Play weekly) coming and being involved in the design process of the artwork. Children were directed and worked alongside the young people from our school, with staff and parental supervision too. It was a great experience – the artwork devised by the children was directly used in the final piece!

Click here to view the Art Project.