Art and Design

Teacher: Mrs Hanif

Art  100% A* – C Grades (2015/16)

The aim of Art at PMGHS is to

  • Stimulate creativity and imagination
  • Provide visual tactile sensory experiences and a unique way of understanding and responding to the world.
  • Encourage pupils to use colour, texture, form, pattern and different materials to process and communicate what they see.
  • Help pupils progressively gain appropriate skills through a wide range of activities
  • Teach pupils to make informed and valued judgements; aesthetic and practical decisions and to become actively involved in shaping environments
  • Explore ideas and meanings in the work of artists and designers and crafts people
  • Teach pupils about the diverse roles and functions of art, craft and design in contemporary life and in different times and cultures

PMGHS have now joined the Artsmark programme.

Please click here for the Artsmark Schools Guidelines.

Key Stage 3

Within Art students take part in 2 lessons each week.  At PMGHS we believe that this subject is an essential part of the curriculum.  It is a subject that can be taught within the boundaries of Islam as it is so vast in its scope. We use art to celebrate and enhance our faith and appreciate the beauty that has been gifted to us from our creator thus offering  an opportunity to translate this beauty  into art. We teach every student how to look at the world with a different perspective whereby the subtleties of our creator are made evident.

The topics studied are used to interpret faith as a positive for the wider audience, enabling social barriers to be broken down and for people to gain an insight into our beliefs, offering a vessel to acknowledge and understand.  Subjects such as Arabic, textiles, Urdu, Maths, History and ICT are also linked to art.

The art department  devise and deliver original, challenging & engaging art projects which respond to National Curriculum requirements and fit under the UNIVERSAL THEMES of Art & Design.



Key Stage 4

AQA Art & Design – Textiles

At key stage 4 students have the option to combine skills from Design Technology Textiles with Art.  Several garments and textiles products will be created as they complete the qualification.  The course will take students through an inspirational design cycle which looks at many modern and historical artists. They will continue to refine their skills and work independently to manage their time and workload.  This subject gives pupils a unique opportunity to explore and reflect upon their thoughts and feelings and to make personal choices about their work.

To view the projects undertaken by our pupils please click here

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. (Aristotle)