Through our curriculum at PMGHS we aim to provide a learning experience which develops our pupils in body, mind and spirit. It is our intention to enable each learner to take her place as a responsible young person in society. At Key Stage 3 pupils study a wide range of subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Information Technology, Technology: Textiles and Technology:Home Economics), Modern Languages (Arabic, Urdu and French)  Humanities (Geography and History), Religious Studies, Study Skills (Years 7 and 8), Art and Physical Education.

At Key Stage 4 pupils are able to study up to eleven GCSE subjects, with English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Science, Information Technology, Religious Studies, a Modern Language and PE being compulsory. Option subjects include Business Studies, Art, Geography, History, Information Technology, PE, Arabic and Urdu. To ensure that everyone learns at a pace which is appropriate, pupils are placed in ability groups from the beginning of year 7 onwards. These are continually kept under review through our termly tracking systems. We are working towards a more personalised curriculum for pupils; with different course options available for pupils who require extra support.

PMGHS is quickly developing a tradition of academic excellence and the value added to our pupils from Key Stage 2 to Key stage 4 is amongst the best in the country. Pupils are expected to behave well, to work hard and to contribute to everyone’s learning in lessons.